Group travel

The purpose of group travel arrangements is to facilitate the access of approved groups (ikastolas, schools, associations, etc.) to trains, trams, or cable cars.

Terms of purchase

  • As a rule, a group must consist of at least 10 people. However, in the case of groups of passengers under 6 years of age, we may accept groups with fewer members to facilitate incident-free access to and exit from Euskotren facilities. Any other relevant aspect when applying for a group ticket can be entered in the comment field. In any case, it is at the discretion of the Commercial Department to approve the group travel system for any given group.
  • The Euskotren Lines that issue group tickets are: Funicular, Bilbao Tram, Vitoria-Gasteiz Tram, Topo, Bilbao-Donostia/San Sebastián Line, Bermeo Branch Line, Txorierri and Line 3.
  • If the travel arrangements combine Metro Lines 1 or 2 with Line 3, the journey will be managed by Metro Bilbao.
  • If your travel arrangements  combine any other Euskotren line with Metro Bilbao Lines 1 and 2, the two journeys must be managed separately, one by Euskotren and the other by Metro Bilbao.
  • Group tickets are not available during special situations or events. If the journey is approved by Euskotren, the allocated timetables and trains must be observed.
  • The group must travel together. In other words, all members of the group must start and end the journey at the assigned stations.
  • Seats are not guaranteed.
  • Euskotren does not provide host services for groups.
  • The journey may be one way or return, on the same day or different days.
  • The group ticket fares do not include age-based discounts and under 6s must also pay.
  • The price applied is the cheapest personalised Barik, Bat or Mugi fare available at the time of issuing the quote. There is no discount for changing operators in the case of group tickets.
  • Groups with passengers under the age of 6 that do not accept that under 6s must pay a fare, pursuant to the General Conditions of Contract, will not be considered as a Group for these purposes. Therefore, under 6s will travel as individuals and always accompanied by an adult, and official documents must be shown to accredit their identity and age. Furthermore, if the person travelling with the under 6s is not their father, mother or legal guardian, they must also accredit that they are responsible for them by means of a document signed by the father, mother or legal guardian of the minor.  We recommend contracting a group journey, as Euskotren is thus informed of the travel itinerary and characteristics of the group, so that it can be located throughout the journey, and provide extra safety than when using the service without having organised group travel.  
  • The travel application must be submitted at least 48 working hours before the trip.
  • Euskotren may cancel group travel arrangements due to exceptional circumstances, such as strikes, outages, etc., by refunding the fare.
  • Once the group ticket has been issued, no changes or cancellations are allowed by the contracting party. You can only change the date to a date later than the start date. In this case, the journey must be under the same conditions, within a maximum period of three months, provided that the change of date is made 24 hours before travelling and before 12:00 noon on a Friday or any day preceding a public holiday.
  • Access to the means of transport will be facilitated by our staff or using the ticket machines that will issue the tickets based on a tracking number. Euskotren will establish which system is to be used during the contracting process.        
  • The Euskotren account number to pay for the ticket by bank transfer is BBVA ES78 0182 1303 5900 0004 8108 BBVAESMMXXX. Please indicate BG (Group Ticket) and the application number in the concept field. The payment must be made in Euros (€).
  • Any other comments will be provided in the application form.
  • Group travel must be contracted with the Commercial Department by email or telephone. The tax details (Name of the ikastola/school/association, tax number, address, email, telephone number etc) must be given, along with the travel details (one-way, one-way and return, number of passengers, journey start/end station, travel time, etc.).
  • The telephone numbers and the email address of the Commercial Departments of the respective provinces are:


                       Bizkaia:, 944019900 ext. 1107-1109

                       Gipuzkoa:, 944019900 ext. 3132

                       Araba:, 944019900 ext. 1107-1109