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Bizkaibus is the public transport service for passengers by bus in the historic territory of Bizkaia. The service belongs to and is managed by the Provincial Council of BIzkaia, under the coordination of the Transport Consortium of Bizkaia (CTB), which are the ones who establish the zones, lines, tickets, rates and travel conditions.
However, the lines are operated by different companies in the road passenger transport sector, whose activity is regulated by concessions.

Euskotren is one of these awarded companies and operates the following bus lines:

Margen Izquierda-UPV/EHU

  • A2315 Santurtzi-Portugalete- UPV/EHU
  • A2316 Sestao- UPV/EHU
  • A2326 Barakaldo – UPV/EHU
  • A2336 Muskiz-UPV/EHU

Uribe Kosta

  • A3411 Bilbao-Getxo
  • A3414 Bilbao-Getxo (by Artxanda tunnels)
  • A3422 Areeta-Berango (Artea M.G./CC Artea)
  • A3451 Areeta-Armintza
  • A3471 Getxo-Gurutzeta/Cruces (by Fadura)
  • A3472 Getxo-Gurutzeta/Cruces (from Areeta)
  • A3499 Plentzia-Gorliz