Euskotren Kargo

Euskotren kargo is the band Eusko Trenbideak has been using to operate its railway freight services since 2007.

Euskotren Kargo intends to promote railway freight haulage as an alternative to road haulage, ensuring an intermodal system as well as social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

The strategic layout of the Railway Network that Euskotren operates, its connection to other national and international networks, and its alliances with various operators, provide an exceptional level of potential. Freight services play a key role in the integration, connection, and generation of wealth of the provinces and the towns. This results in a more balanced and respectful development respecting the environment.

This is a service provided with the conviction that we operate an efficient and safe system to move freight.

Transportation and logistics

After more than 30 years of high-quality public service, Euskotren has consolidated its position as the leading transport operator in the Basque Country. In addition, thanks to the collaboration agreement between Renfe and Euskotren kargo, companies that operate on metric gauge tracks, and the agreements signed with other agencies in the logistics sector, we can cater for the freight haulage needs of industrial production plants located along the north coast of Spain.

The networking belonging to the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country provides access to the Port of Bermeo (Bizkaia) and to a loading and unloading depot in Lasarte (Gipuzkoa) that facilitates the railway-road intermodal system.

Regarding traffic to and from the Renfe state network, the connection takes place at the intermodal transport terminal of Ariz-Basauri (Bizkaia), which not only provides a connection between both operators, but also railway-road intermodal transport.

Rolling stock

Euskotren kargo operates 11 dual diesel-electric locomotives and 42 multi-purpose freight cars.

The locomotives have two Bo-Bo type dual traction (diesel and electric) bogies to pull freight trains on the lines operated by Euskotren kargo (Bilbao - Hendaye) and, additionally, on sections of the state metric gauge lines operated by Renfe.

The basic layout is a train pulled by one or more multiple traction locomotives, from one single control panel. They feature state-of-the-art communications and safety equipment.

The 42 multi-purpose freight cars can operate on Euskotren kargo lines or on Renfe’s metric gauge lines, transporting several types of freight: steel coils, containers, profiles, tubing, rolled and processed wood, among other items.