BAT Personalised - More information

What is the Personalised General BAT Card?

The Personalised General BAT Card is a personal and non-transferable wallet card. It is a contactless card (includes a chip) that allows tram users to travel with a discount.


What are the requirements to apply for the Card?

Any person can apply for a Personalised BAT Card, although minor under 6 years of age do not need to have one if they are accompanied by an adult who does have a ticket.


What documents are required to apply for the Card?

  • You must provide your National Id. Card, Foreign Resident's Card, and a photograph. If the applicant is a minor and does not have a National Id. Card, Foreign Resident’s Card or a passport, these documents must belong to one of his/her parents or legal guardian.
  • TA credit card to pay the 3 euros cost of the card or proof of payment of that amount issued by automatic machines at the stops.
  • If you belong to a large family (5 members or more): photocopy and original of the large family card issued by the Basque Government or the Large Family Certificate.


Where can you apply for the Card?

  • At the Tram Information Office (OIT).
  • At the city council’s Citizen Information Offices (OAC). At the moment, the Citizen Information Offices process personalised BAT cars if the users belong to a Large Family (5 members or more); and the Berezi BAT Card for people over the age of 65.
  • If you already have a personalised card, apply for the new one at the Tram Information Office (OIT).
  • If you should need more information, please call Customer Service at 944 33 33 33 .


What should I do if the card is lost or stolen?

The card cannot be replaced if it is lost or stolen; however, the balance can be transferred to a new card two days after the lost card has been blocked and once the Tram Information Office (OIT) has checked the data from all the Operators. The new card will cost 3 euros.

If the card is linked to a time-limited ticket (30 days), the said ticket will be automatically activated on the new card after the above-mentioned two days wait, and the previous one will be cancelled.


What should I do if the card has a fault or is damaged?

If the card has a fault, it will be exchanged for a new card free of cost during the first four years. You can transfer the balance, although, you will have to visit the Tram Information Office (OIT) the next day, as the data from all the operators must be updated.

If the holder of the card is responsible for the damage, 3 euros will be charged for the new card.

If the card is linked to a time-limited ticket (30 days), the said ticket will be transferred to the new card, and the previous one will be cancelled.


Can I top up and check my balance using my mobile phone? 

You can use the BAT NFC and an Android telephone to check and top up the e-purse and temporary travel cards without having to go to a stop. 
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