Buses Bizkaia: effects of the Tour de France


On Thursday, June 29, from 16:00 to 17:30 on Saturday, July 1, the area of the San Mamés Esplanade (Luis Briñas and Felipe Serrate) in Bilbao will be closed. So the A3414 Bilbao-Getxo line will finish the routes from Getxo at Major Street Stop 74. Departures from Bilbao will be made from Gran Vía No. 79 and the stop of Luis Briñas will be abolished.

The stages of the Tour de France to be played in the rest of the Historical Territory of Bizkaia will have different effects on the bus lines of Euskotren and the other lines of Bizkaibus. Full information is attached from 1 and 3 July.

For more information,, @bizkaibus tel.: 946 125 555 and APP.

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