Tour France Bilbao


Alterations on  the Bilbao tram due to the Tour de France


The different events organised to mark the start of the Tour de France from Bilbao mean that Euskotren has had to modify the tramway service on 29 June and 1 July. 

On 29 June, the presentation of the race means that trams cannot run along the Arriaga - La Casilla section from 13:00 hours to the end of the day.  The service will only run between Bolueta and Arriaga every 15 minutes, as on workdays in summer. 

On 1 July, the first stage of the Tour de France will be held in Bilbao. The normal tramway service will be disrupted with no service running between Arriaga and La Casilla from early in the morning until 14:30 hours, approximately.  During that time, it will only run between Bolueta and Arriaga every 15 minutes (Saturday, Sunday and public holiday timetable).

Further information is available from Euskotren staff at the manned stations, or by calling 944 333 333 and also from the @euskotren Twitter account.