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RETURN (2 trips)

  • Number of trips: 2 trips between the areas covered by the Euskotren railway ticket purchased.
  • Validation:  Must be validated (used) at the departure stop within 24 hours of purchase.
  • Personal/Multi-person:  Ticket to be used by one person.
  • Expiry: The trip must begin within 24 hours of purchase 
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MONTHLY (Unlimited)

  • Number of trips:  Unlimited during validity period
  • Validation:  Must be validated before each trip
  • Personal/Multi-person: Personalised
  • Expiry: Expires 30 days after purchase.
  • Requires passenger card
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One way (1 occasional trip)

  • Number of trips: 1 trip in the areas covered by the Euskotren railway ticket you have bought.
  • Personal/multi-person: This is a ticket for a single person.
  • Expiry date: The trip must begin 50 minutes after you buy it.




More information: Interoperability


More information: Bizkaia Transport Consortium