Safety advices

Euskotren considers safety a vital aspect to which we are constantly dedicated. We want to ensure the protection of passengers during their trips on our trains, trams, and buses.

Consequently, we would like to propose these safety improvement recommendations, the purpose of which is to improve service quality and the safety of our means of transport.

The key messages Euskotren would like to promote are to cooperate in preserving public facilities, facilitate the use of means of transport and the transit of passengers, respect priorities, optimise areas and prevent attitudes that may compromise safety.


Safety recommendations

  • Do not cross safety lines on platforms when trains are arriving or departing. This reduces the risk of falling and speeds up the entrance/exit of passengers.
  • Before boarding, allow passengers who have arrived at their destination to exit the train.
  • Pay attention to the gap between the train and the platform.
  • Do not try to board or exit a train after the relevant acoustic and light signals on the doors.
  • Obey signs and pay attention when the train is arriving.
  • When on platforms, control children at all times; preferable hold their hands if they are very young.
  • Do not run, use skates, skateboards, bicycles, etc. in the station.
  • Using mobile phones or headphones may distract your attention when you are in a station.